2018 BMW R nineT Racer

BMW R nineT Racer

2018 BMW R nineT Racer

BMW is expanding its range of models by processing the R nineT model. BMW has transformed its popular roadster into the Cafe Racer by adding a body panel .. which gave a good result because this motorcycle now looks even better, with that BMW added some electronic gadget that raises the level of driving safety and the power comes from a well-known boxer unit.

The design of the retro racer looks remarkably in the perfect shape of a bullet, with a rounded head light and a small visor that is located between the mirror, this is what is the main characteristic that dominates this BMW R nineT. Although the visor does not provide driver protection, under it is a classic instrument panel with two analogue meters, showing the speed and RPM, inside each one is LDC display and warning lights that cover all the underlying information while driving. It seems that the choice of this kind of control panel was a hit because it fit perfectly into the vibrations of the 70s, which this BMW R nineT sends without saving anything. We could talk about the design of this motorcycle for a long time, simply designers have done a great job so good that you will not be interested in what is under the “hood”..

BMW R nineT Racer
BMW R nineT Racer

Brakes reflect the power that the aggregate of this model is capable of producing and passing on wheels. In the front there are 320mm double discs are paired with four piston calipers, in the rear there is 265mm disc paired with two piston calipers and all this is under the control of ABS. The frame consists of 3 segments one in front and two in the rear in BMW calls this frame a “modular steel tubular space frame”, which consists of the main front frame, the main rear frame with the passenger frame. In order to keep weight as low as possible of, it uses sressed-engine/transmission technology to avoid unnecessary parts of the frame that increase weight. With such savings the weight of this motorcycle with all liquids is 485-pounds. The front forks are signed by ohilis, they are telescopic forks that are in charge of immersing the front part. A single-sided cast aluminum swingarm works in conjunction with the Paralever system, which allows you to customize the spring to your desires/needs.

Symmetrical 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels carry the ZR race tires 120/70 front and 180/55 rear. The control head geometry has an angle of 26.4 degrees and a 4.1-inch trail, which confirms high speed stability, the 58.8 inch wheelbase with a stabilizer on the steering head to smooth the back impact on the bars.

The BMW R nineT would not be what it is without its aggregate, this motorcycle is powered with classic boxer unit but do not fooled with the old configuration, this unit is very modernized and has a well-adjusted balance shaft in order to reduce vibration. The opposite turning double cylinders move in the 101 mm bore and have a stroke of 73mm. The electronics control fuel injection in cylinders to meet the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard and keep the consumption at 44MPG all with the help of catalytic converters in the exhaust system. Water cooling is responsible for draining excess heat, which is, of course, the occurrence of petrol combustion, and an oil cooler is added to keep the liquid of life for the aggregate at an optimum lubrication temperature. The power coming out of this machine is 110HP at 7750 RPM with 86 lb-ft. The maximum speed is 125MPH, if you have the courage to do it ..

The basic package in Light White with blue black and red graphics costs $ 13,545, but of course this is just the beginning. BMW offers you the possibility of various packages of equipment and accessories that can be ordered, so that the price can be much higher, but BMW R nineT look more powerful.

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