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Yamaha R6

The Yamaha R6 has everything you need from one supersport motorcycle. Good looks, speed and advanced technology. Are you on the road or on track the Yamaha R6 is certainly one of the most advanced machines on the market. The MotoGP-style aerodynamics have restored this incredible motorcycle, when ABS is added to it and the best suspensionthat is paired with a lot of electronic gadgets that help driver, it gets the ultimate motorcycle code name Yamaha R6.

The Yamaha R6 is well-known for its good driving characteristics, and this tread continues. In that it gets help good centralization of the mass, the exquisite suspension and refined ergonomics. It’s a recipe for one of the fastest supersport motorcycles in the class of 600cc. The end result is good feedback from the asphalt, the great power of the engine and therefore the better and the greater confidence in the curves. Leading in the class of a powerful high-rev engine is the heart of this motorcycle and to this add the traction control and D-modes to get more useful power from the machine ..

2018 Yamaha R6
2018 Yamaha R6

The engine is lightweight and compact DOHC 599ccm 4 cylinders with 16 titanium valves, water-cooled. The compression level is high at 13.1: 1. Light forged pistons allow smooth power output in high-revs. The gearbox has 6 gear for perfect power and maximum acceleration, to match the output power of the engine with all of it designed to be very compact. Crankshaft both the input and output shafts are placed in a triangle to centralize the mass and to make the engine shorter so as to be better positioned in the frame for good handling. The slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch reduces engine braking, so downshifting is much more possible at high speeds. The exhaust system is made of titanium and contains EXUP with oxygen sensor for better fuel injection and cleaner exhaust gases. Ride-By-Wire The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle is a system that “feels the smallest movement of the throttlr handle from the side of the rider and currently calculates the ideal opening angle of the throttle valve, so as to actively control the amount of suction. The traction control TCS has 6 modes of plus position off and helps the driver adjust the ride to different driving conditions on the road. The TCS works by correcting the opening of the throttle and the timing and fuel quantity, is designed to react very smoothly with minimal disturbance of the driver. The Yamaha R6 has a D-Mode system developed by Yamaha. This system allows the driver to adjust the engine characteristics according to his needs. There are 3 options for selecting maps for controlling the Throttle valve. Standard mode, A mode and B mode. The mode changes by simply pressing the button.

The frame on the Yamaha R6 is the Deltabox Aluminum which, in terms of the geometry of motorcycle and stiffness, has been developed for years in MotoGP, resulting in a gold standard handling in class of 600ccm. Yamaha R6 suppresses lightning-fast handling agility with confidence in the stability in the curves. The magnesium subframe removes weight from the rear of the motorcycle in order to increase the centralization of the mass, while the narrow seat gives driver a bigger space for the maneuvers during an aggressive ride on the racing tracks. The aluminum alloy fuel tank reduces the weight of the motorcycle for more than 1kg, thereby lowering the center of gravity and gaining better ergonomics.

In order to ensure a sense of driving confidence and held at the leader level in the class, the Yamaha R6 uses an advanced KYB 43mm fork from Yamaha R1 adapted for this motorcycle. With excellent dampening possibilities and feedback from the front wheel, the fork offers good flexibility. The R6 uses the same brakes as R1 and this includes 320mm on front wheels with four-piston radial-mount calipers and activated by Nissin’s main brake cylinder. The lightweight caliper in the rear helps front brakes and ABS is the standard for better braking over bad weather conditions.

2018 Yamaha R6
2018 Yamaha R6

The instrument panel is made up of analogue meters and LCD panels that show all the necessary information. Transmission Gear Indicator (Adjustable), fuel economy travel distance and miles-on-reserve function as well as indicators for electronic assistance such as TCS and D-Mode. The Yamaha R6 is the next generation of the Yamaha R model in terms of design. The R6 stands out from the rest of the competition for its futuristic and aggressive looks of sharp lines, with LEDs that give this motorcycle a great look. As R1, the R6 uses the same LED lighting technology. The headlights are hidden so as not to spoil the look but still providing a strong lighting, direction indicators are placed in the mirrors due to the aero dynamics, and the rear LED light is perfectly fitted into the narrow tail of the motorcycle.

The Yamaha R6 is ready for the race track immediately after leaving the sales showroom, but for those demanding drivers, it is possible to install the Quick Shift System which allows the up gear changed under a full throttle without pressing the clutch.

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