2019 BMW S1000RR

2019 BMW S1000RR
2019 BMW S1000RR

The EICMA Show in Milan is one of the largest motorcycle events in the world. Anyone who has something in the motor industry must be present at this show. For this reason, all major manufacturers are planning their premiere of new models exclusively for this show. The same is for this year, and the new BMW S1000RR for the year 2019 has attracted a lot of attention.


The S1000RR is a motorcycle that changed the Supersport motorcycle market when it was first introduced in 2009 and has not seen much change since then, especially in terms of design. Now, 10 years later, BMW has introduced a new version of their best Supersport model. The model for 2019 received a completely new aggregate, a completely new suspension, and a complete redesign. So far so good ..
Lets start with an aggregate that has been changed almost completely, and the results are as follows: power is boosted for 6HP, which now gives a total of 207HP, reduction of the aggregate weight of 4kg, as well as the new BMW ShiftCam variable valve system that influences the improvement of throttle response , especially in low and middle range of revs. The electronics that control these 207HP offers in the standard version four different driving modes: Rain, Road, Dynamic and Race. For those who plan to use the BMW S1000RR to its absolute maximum, BMW has also provided a “Pro” mode that comes with additional extras and offers three additional driving modes “Race Pro 1-3” that the driver can adjust to his according to his needs.

2019 BMW S1000RR
2019 BMW S1000RR

Of the other electronic devices, the BMW S1000RR for 2019, as standard, has an ABS that operates under the slope, a rear wheel slip control as well as a front wheel lift control. Although ABS has been standard equipment for years, BMW will also offer ABS Pro that provide additional stability when braking under the slope as an option. For the new RR, BMW has also put together a completely new front and rear suspension, which is in line with the modified motorcycle ergonomic as well as changed geometry, thanks to the lightweight aggregate and changed hardness of the frame. For drivers who are ready to add some more money BMW offers a new semi-automatic suspension system that offers Dynamic Dumping Systems developed specifically for RR.

According to the latest trends, drivers of the new BMW S1000RR model will receive feedback from a 6.5-inch multi-functional TFT control panel that will provide a wide range of information as well as the ability for driver to choose what of informations he wants to be displayed to see while driving. The first time in history, a BMW motorcycle will also have the M package of equipment, which includes all the accessories that BMW offers for the S1000RR as well as a special M color scheme that will make this version stand out from the rest. Price and start date of sale have not yet been announced.

Performance of S1000RR for 2019:
• 207KS at 13500 rpm
• 113Nm at 11000 rpm
• 193.5kg in M package of equipment
• ShiftCam Variable Valve System
• 4 modes of driving
• Traction control, pitch control, ABS in standard equipment, additional ABS Pro(optional)
• Additional 3 modes, start control, pit limiter, two-way quickshifter and cruise control as accessory

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