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2020 Bollinger B2


After the multifunctional electric off-road vehicle B1, the US company Bollinger introduced the pick-up model on the electricity under the B2 mark.

2020 Bollinger B2

Bollinger is a new name in the auto industry. So far, the electric car manufacturer has mostly focused on passenger cars on the electricity, and the segment of genuine off road vehicles has been neglected. However, this startup company came up with the idea to offer customers stripped “off-road” vehicles on electricity, which does not possess the luxurious facilities, and whose primary purpose is to be useful sport utility vehicle and working machine. Thus, in 2017, the model B1 was created, which can be SUV, but also pick-up by removing a part of the roof structure.

Now the company Bollinger Motors comes out with the right, big pick-up B2. Like the previous model, B2 has 2 electric motors and a battery capacity of 120 kWh. The total power of the electric drive system reaches 527 hp (387 kW) and the maximum torque is 696 Nm. The manufacturer claims that B2 is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km / h) to 6.5 seconds and reach 160 km / h. With full batteries, the car can travel about 320 km, and when the batteries emptied, they can be recharged for 75 minutes on a quick charger, or for 10 hours on a standard 220 V mains socket.

2020 Bollinger B2
2020 Bollinger B2

The B2 has a lightweight body made entirely of aluminum and a hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The load area length is 1.7 m, and, if necessary, can be opened and the rear window, while lowering the rear seat space useful for transport things increases. Thanks to a unique constructive solution, it is possible to transport very long objects, which are even longer than the entire vehicle.

Bollinger Motors plans to launch B2 in to series production in 2020, while prices and terms of sale will be announced in 2019. At present, it is only possible to reserve this vehicle without deposit.


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