Alfa Romeo 4C will be gone for 2019

Alfa Romeo 4c
Alfa Romeo 4c

The Alfa Romeo 4C was designed to return the Italian brand to the carmakers on map sport cars, however, peoplepreferred to buy Porsche 718 Boxter and Cayman before Alfa Romeo 4c.

Although we have so far come across various reports mentioning a different fate of the 4C model, a few days ago, Alfa Romeo product manager, Danny Prit, said the model would be quashed next year in the coupe variants. However, it is still unknown whether the Spider variant will continue to be produced.

Alfa Romeo 4c
Alfa Romeo 4c

The decision to quit the variants of this model will have a big impact on its price, and it is said that the model for the next year will be more expensive for about 11,000 dollars from the current model.

In addition to being $ 1,000 more expensive than last year’s model, the Spider for 2019 will be equipped with additional standard equipment, including a rear-camera.However, an optional Track Equipment Pack will be discarded, and all of its components will be sold individually.


It’s still unclear why Alfa decided to quit the 4C version of the variant and instead focus on the Spider version, but it’s possible that the reason for this is that Spider is much more popular with customers. In spite of all this, there is no doubt that 4C is one of the weakest selling models on the market.

Namely, according to information released by Carsalesbase, Alfa Romeo sold only 406 units in the US last year, and by May this year only 95 copies of this model have been sold. The numbers are somewhat better in Europe, where 871 copies of this model were sold in 2017.

Although 4C seems to be “dead,” Alfa Romeo announced in early June that it plans to present GTV and 8C models by 2022. The 8C will have a twin-turbo engine mounted between the front and rear axles that will drive the rear wheels, while the front wheels will be powered by an electric motor. Thanks to this configuration, the 8C model of 0 to 100 km / h accelerates in less than three seconds, and the total output power could exceed 700 “horses”.

Of course, the FCA Group always promises something, and few of it fulfill, so there are still no guarantees that either of these two models will actually see the light of the day.

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