ABT announced new Audi RS6-E that will develop 1,000 horsepower!


The tuning company ABT works on another version of the Audi RS6, which will carry the RS6-E, which will develop about 1,000 horsepower!

audi rs
audi rs

Namely, this German tuning company announced its new model via a short video clip on its official Facebool site. Unfortunately, the car does not see the car itself, but we have only discovered its name. However, even the name may reveal some information.

First of all, the letter E in the name of this model could mean that the new, modified RS6 would go through some sort of electrification. However, since Audi does not have a RS6 electric version of its model, ABT will, if its new model really is a hybrid, have the drive to find it somewhere else.

As you probably already know, ABT competes in Form E, that is, its name stands next to the Audi Sport department and the name of Schaeffler. It definitely gives this company access to advanced electrical circuits used in the aforementioned championship.

Namely, the Schaeffler company has created a completely electric Audi RS3 just a few months ago, and for its heart has set a drive circuit from the Formula One car. Would ABT be able to do the same with the RS6 model? This is certainly possible.

If this is not the case, ABT would be able to keep the four-wheeled twin-turbo V8 aggregate of Audi, and to additionally assist with electric turbo chargers or a “gentle” hybrid system. For any option to decide on ABT, we are confident that a car that develops 6,000 horsepower will be “as quick as a bullet”.

Fortunately, we will not have to wait long to see what we are doing, as the ABT company has announced that this model will be presented during the day.

You can see the Teaser video here.

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