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Alfa Romeo Stelvio now and only with a rear-drive


Most chassis and SUV models have a drive on all wheels, at least as an option. But not everyone in the market needs something like this.
For this reason, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which has only recently been sold on all-wheel drive, is now only powered by RWD.

Alfa Romeo stelvio rwd
Alfa Romeo stelvio rwd

Namely, the first SUV model of Alfa Romeo will get another version in 2019, which will only RWD and will most likely carry a Q2 label instead of Q4. For this reason, Stelvio will be lighter than two tones, that is, it will be lighter a few tens of pounds from the standard version. Also, Stelvio with the last wheel drive will be cheaper for about $ 2,000.
Alfa Romeo stelvio
Alfa Romeo stelvio

Also, for this model with this configuration will be available a Sport package that will cost $ 1,800, which means 19-inch wheels, color-coded brakes, aluminum pedals and the like. The Stelvio version of the rear wheel drive will only be sold with an introductory aggregate, ie four-cylinder aggregate with a turbocharger, a two-liter working capacity that develops 280 horsepower and 414 Nm of torque, which is linked to an eighth automatic transmission.

This cheaper Stelvio will only be available in the base version, while sports Ti and Quadrifoglio, which have a twin-turbo V6 aggregate 2.9-liter workload, still have AWD.

Because of the fact that it will only drive on rear-drive, this version of the Stelvio model will be more economical, that is, it will cost less fuel.


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