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Announced the new Koenigsegg successor to Ager RS


The Swedish manufacturer of exotic supersport cars announced the first draft of a future model that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019.

Koenigsegg used the ceremony on opening a new salon in Melbourne, Australia, to announce the successor to the Agera RS. On that occasion, journalists and guests are presented a sketch of the rear part of the new car, whose premier will be held in March next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

Koenigsegg Regera
Koenigsegg Regera

It is interesting that – since Agera RS and the Regera hybrid sold out – this new, yet unseen Koenigsegg is the only one currently available for the order.The drawing does not reveal much about the next Koenigsegg, but it can be seen that the rear is shaped differently from the two cars mentioned above, and the more aggressive lines and the large wing of the rear spoiler.

Koenigsegg Agera RS
Koenigsegg Agera RS

It is expected that the new model will be stronger and faster than any previous car produced by the company headed by Christian von Koenigsegg – and therefore more expensive.

Koenigsegg 2019
Koenigsegg 2019

Never the less, Agera RS is officially the fastest production car in the world that can legally ride on public roads. It became in late 2017 after an average speed of 277.9 miles per hour (447.2 km / h) was measured in Nevada during two attempts.

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