Anti-diesel Investment – Jaguar invests 18 bilion $ in Electric Cars

jaguar electric
jaguar electric

The British premium car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover will invest 18 billion dollars in electric vehicles in the next three years.

This is a sign that Jaguar is completely turning back the diesel, and the reason is the stagnation of vehicle sales to this drive due to numerous prohibitions and limitations.

While General Motors (GM) is investing in the development of new diesel engines it seems that everyone else prefer other alternatives.

Jaguar did not reach the sales it planned in the first quarter of 2018, and is moving into a “counterattack” with the goal of electrifying all its models as soon as possible.


A company owned by the Indian Tata Motors point out that profitability is far below the expected margin, which has affected the negative inflow of cash after investments.

JRL is increasing investment to produce up to three versions of each of its models by 2025, with fossil fuel, battery and a combination of these two.

All six production plants will be adapted to making models with new engines. However, JRL will only offer electric vehicles if there is a high enough demand for them.

The JRL has announced earlier that by 2020 each model will have an electrified element.

The problem for the JRL is that 87% of sales in the UK and Europe make up models with diesel engines, which is a huge percentage due to the status of diesel in the world, especially the “Old Continent” in the last few years, more precisely from Volkswagen’s ” Dieselgate “affair in the United States.

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