Audi Allowed To Test Flying Car


The German government has approved to Audi and Airbus to test prototypes of flying taxis in Ingolstadt. Two companies have already introduced the concept of a flying two-seater car that looks like a dron.


If the tests prove successful, the days in which German cities are covered with smog, and their roads overcrowded with cars, could become a past. Namely, the program of flying cars opens great potential for the technological industry of Germany, said one of the representatives of the government.

“Flying taxis are no longer a notion of science fiction, and they can lead us into a completely different dimension of mobility,” said the country’s transport minister, Andreas Sheyer. “They represent great potential for companies and the startup of companies that are already working on the development of flying car technology,” he added.

The concept of a flying vehicle presented by Audi and Airbus is named Pop.Up Next. Its propulsion system consists of large, round parts in which propellers are located, and each of the propellers is powered by an electric motor that develops 26 horsepower, and is powered by a battery capacity of 70 kilowatt-hours.

In total, this concept develops 214 horsepower, the battery capacity is 160 kilowatt-hours, and achieves a maximum speed of 120 km / h. Its range is 50 kilometers in one charge, after which it has to land in order to charge the batteries, and it does just 15 minutes.

Of course, Audi is not only major car manufacturer who is investing in this technology. Namely, Daimler has already joined forces with Intel Corp. to jointly support and develop Volocopter, one of the startup companies that built an electric helicopter.

Also, Geely Group has become the owner of Terrafugia, a US-based company working on the development of flying cars.

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