Australia has a new racing track, where Porsche has already set a record!

Bend Motorsport Park
Bend Motorsport Park

In addition to numerous racing tracks and temporary “trails” in the streets of its cities, Australia does not lack the places where races take place. Now there is another one.

Namely, the new track is named “Bend Motorsport Park” and is open this year. Of course, Porsche has not lost time, and has already set the record for the fastest lap on this truck.

The new track is located in Tailem Bend, which is about an hour drive from Adelaide city in South Australia. Construction of a 7.7-kilometer long track cost about $ 100 million, and is the second largest race track in the world after Nurburgring.

Bend Motorsport Park
Bend Motorsport Park

Consequently, given that it was already a record player at the legendary Nurburgring, Porsche had to set a record and a new track with its model 911 GT2 RS.

At the wheel of this model was Warren Luff, a test driver Motor magazine and an experienced driver of the company Porsche, who took the second place at the local Carrera Cup. Along with the Porsche logistical department support in Australia, he completed the circuit on the new track for 3 minutes, 24 seconds and 79 stotines.

Now, given that we did not have the opportunity to see the result of other cars on that track, we can not say how fast it is, but given the result of a new stringer from a manufacturer in Stutgart, we would say that someone will pass the time before that record is dropped.

Bend Motorsport Park
Bend Motorsport Park

Namely, the Porsche GT2 RS holds records in the Magny-Cours, Hockenheim, Sachsenring and Willow Springs trails (just to name a few).

However, the crown is certainly the fastest time of 6 minutes, 47 seconds and 25 stints at Nurburgring, which was achieved last September when a 6-minute, 52-second, and ten-decade dropped by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which the Porsche GT2 RS got the fastest serial car legitimate for public roads.

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