BMW S 1000XR

BMW S 1000XR
BMW S 1000XR

BMW S 1000XR

The Bavarian manufacturer came up with the idea to make his supersport model “1000RR”, and then the “S 1000R”, make it even more accessible for everyday driving and long journeys. Thus, “S 1000XR” was born.

As it seems to us, the goal of BMW was to create a motor that could meet everybody’s needs and requirements. To be fast and powerful, to have an armor and a visor to protect the driver and to be able to engage with him in a small adventure by descending from the asphalt. With this model, BMW joined the only competitor in a class that we could characterize as a sports-adventurer, the “Dukati Multistrada 1200”.
This was not too difficult a job. Already in their range they had an excellent sports challenge “S 1000R” and on its basis they made “S 1000XR”. At first glance, you would not say that, because these two engines do not look too much. The front and the plastic are completely different, a large visor is added, the reservoir is of a different shape, the driver’s and passenger’s seats are completely designed to make it suitable for traveling, lateral formwork is added.

Still, we were mostly interested in what we really do not know. What is “S 1000XR” on the run? The driver’s position has changed and he is sitting a lot more upright. Only the seat is at an altitude of 840 mm, which is 36 mm higher than for niked, but this did not affect the quality of ergonomics. On the contrary, it is very good. The passenger’s seat is wide and comfortable, and the handrails are located logically, so the traveler will not have any sense of discomfort. The ride was a real pleasure. The ease with which the engine is driven and the simplicity of steering was as high quality as in the city jam, on the highway and the highway.

The great power you feel under you makes you drive it in slightly higher turns, but we did not mind this. It’s also easy to descend from the asphalt, but do not be hoping for an adrenaline of-roud ride. However, the difference between the XR and the sports or non-engine engines is evident. Crossing over the curb, descending into the grass or gravel, a slight earth-moving journey does not constitute an obstacle to it. Suspension is not soft as in the enduro, for example, but just fine for wearing the proverbial Serbian holes and bumps. If you do not have a heavy hand on the gas, it will reward you with decent consumption. With a full tank of 20 liters, you can cross more than 300 km, and our average in the combined mode was 6.6 liters, which is slightly higher than what the factory prescribed.

For “S 1000XR” two packages of equipment – “turing” and “dynamics” are available. The first one was on the tested engine and includes ESA system, lever heaters, racks for buckets, punch and preparation for GPS. The second package includes the DTC system, the so-called quickshire, cruise control, mode of choice and what our engine did not have LED daytime running lights (LEDs and directional lights), alarm and driver shields.

Technical data
Engine: four-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, 999 cc
Power: 160 hp (117.7 kW) at 11,000 rpm
Max. Torque: 112 Nm at 9,260 rpm
Gearbox: six-speed manual
Dimensions: 2183 × 940 mm
Seat height: 840 mm
Weight: 228 kg
Tires: 120/70 R17 front, 190/55 R17 rear
Brakes: double fly disc 320 mm with radial four-cylinder caliper forward, 220 mm tly disc with single-
piston caliper at rear

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