Caberg DROID

Caberg Droid
Caberg Droid

Caberg DROID

DROID is the new flip-up helmet model Caberg, manufactured in Italy by innovative technologies and aggressive design intended for those drivers who do not want to go unnoticed through the city.

This model is the result of the work and experience of the first Italian factory that produced the Flip Up helmet, and just like every time, they now have something to boast of. The DROID model comes with double homologation, P / J, which means it can be safely used in driving even with a raised beard. When the helmet is open, the special system locks the upper part, so that when the impact is not accidentally closed.

The two separate ventilation holes on the chin are adjustable and can be adjusted to direct the air directly to the inside of the visor and thus provide minimal visor shake in the most extreme weather conditions. The visor is very deep, which provides enhanced visibility, and has a built-in sun visor, which provides protection from the sun when you need it. Both visors are protected from scratches, while the outer have anti-fog protection too thanks to the Pinlock system. The interior is of the highest quality hypererergic fabrics with airy properties in order to provide maximum freshness, and of course the complete interior is removable and can be washed. Side features are designed to allow wearing glasses, and there is the ability to install a communication system inside the helmet.

Overall dimensions of the helmet have been reduced, which led to the total weight of the helmet only 1550gr, which is very good for one Flip Up helmet, even in the class of some integral helmets.

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