Home Cars Did you hear about the concept car named DSD Golem?

Did you hear about the concept car named DSD Golem?


We have not heard much about DSD Desgin & Motorsport since launching the Boreas model last year, but now you are back and introduced us to your new concept of a SUV car called the Golem.

Namely, the Golem model was created in co-operation with the Master of Design of Vehicle Transport from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and it is a prototype that is an introduction to the serial model.

dsd golem
dsd golem

Based on the photo under the text, we can conclude that it is a futuristic version of the Lamborghini LM 002 model, and its name, “Golem”, is inspired by Jewish mythology and marks the clay-shaped gin. It is a “brutal vehicle for all terrains” that possesses a bold front with narrow headlights.


Aggressive design continues to the last part where the body lines are clearly visible. There is also an express glass window and a wide B stub. There is also a spoiler on the roof, a unique light unit on the rear and the black rims around which there are massive BFGoodrich tire treads on muddy terrain.


The serial model will be constructed in only 30 cars. When we are already talking about the serial version of this model, it will have a V8 generator that develops 700 horsepower and will be connected to an eighth automatic automatic gearbox that will power all wheels.

What do you think about Golem?


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