Dodge Announced New Challenger!


The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon stopped production last month, however, the company continues to work on successors.


In the new teaser video released today, Dodge gives us an insight into how the Challenger looks like in 2019, and the presence of a compressor is obvious. After that, the screen turns back and the inscription:
“Lock: RED797_62819” appears.


The second part of the message can be interpreted as a date, that is, on June 28, 2018. The inscription “RED797” hides more mystery, but we can assume that this is the number of horsepower that this car will develop.

There is not much information to support this assumption, but Dodge has previously announced that the Challenger SRT Hellcat for 2019 will be presented this summer, with a hood with a design that will represent the Mopar design who is one of the most famous “muscle” cars companies.


Representatives of the company said that such a hood would be fully functional, and that the compressor aggregate would receive additional air through it, and thus it would be better to cool.

Namely, as Dodge representatives explained two years ago, The Challenger SRT with the Hellcat aggregate is seling with two keys, red and black. The red key serves to unlock the full potential of the aggregate, and to develop the maximum number of horsepower and torque while the black key limits it. ”

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