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Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl


Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

For Walt Siegl, performance and beauty go hand in hand. Motorcycles in his Ducati Leggero series are great, but they are light, quick and easy to handle them. This provides them with high demand.

This latest copy was commissioned by Jamie Vaters, one of the leading figures behind REV’IT and Rizoma brands in the United States. Jamie owns a significant collection of racing motorcycles, European sports cars and American muscle cars, but they do not just serve to show, he drives them regularly. That makes him the perfect client for Vlat. “I’m very excited to be able to make this motorcycle for Jamie,” says Walt from his workshop in New Hampshire, “because I know he will drive and enjoy it.”

Every Leggero is made manually on order with the ability to customize. They started with the Walt Siegl Motorcycle 4130, a chrome steel frame, made in their workshop, weighing only 15 kilograms. Valt was inserted into it by Ducati’s double-valve engine, rebuilt and designed by Bruce Meyers Performance. On top of that, the finishing is done with top quality components and a Kevlar body. In this work, the donor engine was taken from Monster 1100. Designed and rebuilt to 1125 cm3 with Mahle pistons and titanium valves. A Hypermotard fuel injection system was built in, and weight reduction was also taken into consideration.

Since Jamie is quite serious about the demands for driving performance of his Leggero, he wanted a top-of-the-line chassis as well as a suspension system. The lightweight chrome-plated Leggero frame is paired with an aluminum substructure and a Ducati S2R handrail.We would need days of careful research to discover all the details on this Ducati, so we’ll just go through the main ones. We would need days of careful research to discover all the details on this Ducati, so we’ll just go through the main ones. The exhaust system of stainless steel is coated with ceramics and adapted to special requirements. The handlebar looks great and is modified with Motogadget tacho bearings bearing the VSM logo.

Thus, the white ceramic coating on the exhaust system is identified with the early versions of Shelby Cobra (Cobras), and the nickel-plated frame is in memory of the 1960s and 70s.
The primary color was taken from a car in the Jamie Collection. “Jamie has a Corvette from 1968 in a lagoon blue,” says Walt. “For this Corvette series, it was a color that was only used for a year and was painted by Peach Pit Racing.”

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