Dunlop SPORTSMART TT for 2018


The market demands clearly show that there is a need for narrowly specialized high performance road tires in one segment of the motorcycle – so a racing-street category has emerged. Due to the lack of this category, drivers of such requests often resorted to racing tires or would be satisfied with the inadequate performance of the sport category. One and the other approach had their defects, so manufacturers started to develop the said tire category.

In the category of racing-street Dunlop has offered a new Sportsmart TT for 2018. Sportsmart TT is not a substitute for Sportsmart 2 Max and even its upgrades, but the brand-new racing-street tire as a direct derivative racing experience between GP Racer 212 and the previously mentioned Sportsmart 2 MAX. Structurally, this is a brand new product, independent of current models where a reversible process has even happened, so the Sportsmart TT design has been used for this year’s GP 213, pure racing tires, which proves a high level of performance.
The focus of the Sportsmart TT is the exceptionally fast and dynamic road race of RR motorcycles for the most demanding road drivers, with a focus on the dry ground and again with a racing performance for weekend excursions on the track without the need for a heater and selecting the mix as GP Racer or GP . If we compare it with competing products, then Sportsmart TT is part of a product group with Michelin Power RS or Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa models.


In addition to this, the rear tire incorporates NTEC RT technology that allows lowering the pressure on the rear tire for racing purposes.
NTEC RT technology is a little milder form of native NTEC technology with the difference of little higher minimum rear tire racing pressure (min.1.5bar as opposed to GP Racer 212 1.0 bar min.) This results in faster heating in road use while retaining racing traits on the track.


The ratio or distribution of the mixture on the tire tread is 40/20/40, with only 20% of the surface being left to the middle because of its durability, while the rest is a soft mixture that ensures that you are entering the high adhesion zone even with a smaller incline. The Dunlop Sportsmart TT tire is without added silica because its purpose is not to ride on a wet surface. An interesting silica fact as a tire additive: it is added to the tread layer to raise the level of adhesion on the wet and cold substrate but is highly sensitive to high temperature. The silica rubber mixture, if it is overheated, ie if the tread reaches temperatures higher than 80 ° C, it quickly loses properties after cooling, which is why it is not recommended for the hypersport and race use tires.
Sportsmart TT is available in dimensions

110/70 R17 F 54H
120/70 R17 F 58H
120/70 ZR17 F 58W
140/70 R17 R 66H
150/60 R17 R 66H
160/60 R17 R 69H
160/60 ZR17 R 69W
180/55 ZR17 R 73W
180/60 ZR17 R 75W
190/55 ZR17 R 75W
200/55 ZR17 R 78W

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