Ethec electric motorcycle by Swiss students


Ethec electric motorcycle by Swiss students

Two electric motors, one on the front, one at the rear, transfer 69hp to asphalt but also charge the battery when the motorcycle slows down and brakes. This innovative solution is certainly interesting, as there is no power loss as with standard transmission systems, but on the other hand they increase the overall weight of the motorcycle and rotational inertia, which makes the motorcycle slower.

Naturally, Ethec is the final work of a group of students, and we can not expect to see it in the offer, and of course, the existing one is not for sale, but we certainly hope that by such unconventional thinking, will inspire someone who has enough resources and opportunities to improve their technology and adjust it is for electric motorcycles of the future.

Technical Data

•Lithium-ion technology
•400 km range
•15 kWh capacity
•optimized lifespan achieved through integration of an active and passive oil cooling
•continuous monitoring of the cell temperature and the cell voltage
Electronics & Motors:
•wheel hub motors
•22 kW continuous power
•up to 50 kW peak power
•high voltage interlock for security
•variable recuperation
Mechanics, Design & Packaging:
•tube frame for a low weight
•fairing made of carbon-fiber-enforced plastic
•girder fork allows geometry optimization
•stereo swingarm at the back is a proven design
•entire user-interface through a display


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