First photos: Jeep Cherokee for 2018th

The Jeep presented the design of the rstyled model Cherokee ahead of the January premiere of the car show in Detroit. In 2018, Cherokee in basis has kept the same outer design, which – when the current generation was introduced in 2013 – was considered controversial, primarily because of the specific appearance of the front of the vehicle and the unusual shape of the headlights.

After restyling, the headlights are somewhat larger and more conventional, the front bumper is redesigned too. The rear bumper is also redesigned as well as the tailgate, while the position of the license plate is moved upwards. The interior of the car has remained unchanged. The Jeep has not released technical details for now, but no major changes are expected in the offer of aggregates.

With the appearance of the current generation of the Cherokee 4 years ago the manufacturer has made a complete turn in design. Instead of the earlier classic boxy form, the new version has received more rounded lines, while the front part of the vehicle initially caused many negative reactions in the public. Jeep’s car lovers felt that Cherokee lost a recognizable visual identity, bad reviews and comparisons in the media accounted for his design. However, it turned out Jeep made a good move, given that the annual sales of the Cherokee model to the US doubled. In the period 2014-2016. Customers in the United States, which are the main market of this model, each year approximately 200,000 cars were delivered. For comparison purposes, his predecessor (who was sold in the United States under name Liberty) in the period 2001-2013. every year attracted less than 100,000 customers every year.

More details about the restyled model Cherokee will be known early in 2018.

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