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Formula One Grand Prix in Miami, FL will be in 2020


Given that FIA officials failed to reach an agreement with the authorities in Miami to maintain race in that city next season, it was decided that the race would be postponed for 2020 in Maiami.

Maiami race
Maiami race

One of the biggest problems with which this has been the opposition of the local population to maintaining the race in their city, which forced the representatives to hold a meeting with them. The meeting was supposed to be held this week but was postponed for September.
Maiami race
Maiami race

Another problem is determining the location of the race. Namely, Formula 1 wants to use the areas around the Bayfront Park and the area around the museum, as well as the marina. However, if requests for such sites are rejected, it is possible that the race will not even be held at least until the appropriate, prestigious alternatives are found, according to Autosport.
Maiami race
Maiami race

Commercial director of “the fastest circus in the world,” said Sean Bratches, said that during the previous months, heavy negotiations with the authorities of the city of Miami, representatives of citizens and other people were conducted, but that was a complicated issue. He also added that progress was made but still nothing is safe.

If all goes well, and the race for the Grand Prix of Miami will be truly held in 2020, it will become the second race to drive in the United States after the race for the Grand Prix of Texas.

Here you can explore the proposed new Miami F1 track


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