How could it look completely autonomous Rolls-Royce?


The manufacturer of luxury cars, Rolls-Royce, is already looking into a future in which its model will be completely autonomous, and at the same time linked to infrastructure and other vehicles on the roads.


The best proof for this is the concept model 103EX which was introduced in 2016. This vehicle did not have a steering wheel, and the seat was resembling a sofa. There was also a virtual assistant / driver as well as a massive OLED display of the infotainment system.

In other words, this model was not much different than what was designed by designer Esteban Diaz, who did a rendering of a photo that you can see above the text. He seems to have combined the 103EX concept with the modern Wraith model.

Still, the interior is the most interesting. The entire cabin extends to the screen, and there is no steering wheel, nor a mirror.

Customers of luxury cars would most likely be able to get used to fully autonomous driving technology, as most of them drive chauffeurs as well.

However, in reality, fully autonomous vehicles will not appear in the near future.
So, what you think about this Rolls-Royce?

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