In China, mass production of autonomous APOLONG buses began


In China, massive production of autonomous buses (APOLONG) began, or vehicles without drivers, is managed by artificial intelligence.

While in USA company Kroger and Nuro have joined forces to develop a service to deliver supplies to customer’s homes.In China so far, a hundred minibuses have been produced, with 14 seats, intended for the Chinese market, with the aim of spreading to the world as well.
One of the export products could be the autonomous bus APOLONG, which has the fourth degree autonomously, meaning that technology can fully maneuver the vehicle in most conditions


Fifth step involves technology that will be able to manage it independently in all situations – such as muddy trails and poor weather conditions.

APOLONG buses are smaller than the classic, they do not have a seat for the driver, no steering wheel, no pedal for the gas and brakes, but driving exclusively for the computer.

The APOLONG buses run an electric motor, and with a battery charge of two hours can exceed one hundred KM, with a maximum speed of up to 70 KM/H per hour.

apolong 2019
apolong 2019

These vehicles should soon start to be used in several Chinese cities, and big plans for APOLONG in Japan have a company called “Softbak”, which has already bought ten vehicles, according to scientific portals.

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