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Is there a new Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019th?


Is there a new Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019th?

Various rumors began to circulate on the Internet to the new Suzuki models for 2019. One thing we can safely take for Suzuki to prepare new models for the next year, GSX-R600 and GSX-R750, but the most exciting news will surely be if a new Hayabus with a turbocharger is confirmed, such as rumors and various sources from the Suzuki factory itself confirm.

This news is sure to come in good time, because next year, the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa will celebrate its 20th birthday, and in two decades it has not changed much. Also, this year we finally saw a new, modern generation of Suzuki’s supersport motorcycles with the GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R, and the new Hayabusa would be a perfect addition to this new generation.

Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019
Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019

From pre-season announcements, we know that Suzuki Hayabusa for 2018 will be exactly the same as the model from 2017, but this does not exclude the possibility that the Suzuki new model will be released as an early series for 2019 in mid-summer of 2018.

Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019
Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019

Sources from Suzuki confirm that the model for 2019 will be equipped with a turbocharger, with technology already presented to the public as a Recursion concept aggregate. The big question is whether the new Suzuki Hayabus will use a Recursion aggregate of 588 ccm as a power source or Suzuki will respect the Suzuki Hayabus name and equip it with an aggregate of 1300 ccm or somewhere in that range. If the second option is in question, Suzuki will directly confront the Kawasaki turbocharger model, the Ninja H2R, which will effectively launch a speedy war between Japanese manufacturers.

Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019
Suzuki Hayabusa for 2019

From the 4th largest Japanese brand, none has hardly submitted an economic crisis more difficult than Suzuki, which has affected their development of new models and production over the years. For this reason, we hope this means that Suzuki fully devoted himself to the development of a new generation of sports motorcycles, with the beginner, the GSX-R1000R from this year.

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