Italian Volt Lacama

Italian Volt Lacama
Italian Volt Lacama

Italian Volt Lacama

The Italian manufacturer of unique electric motorcycles, Italian Volt, presented its new work, a model called Lacama, which must be said to be at least excellent.

Thanks to the simple concept of electric motorcycles, designers and manufacturers have much more freedom to play than conventional engines, and Lacama is a great example of this. Without the limitations of the internal combustion engine, you can simply move the components of the electric motorcycles, pull the wires a little different, and solve the problem. For this reason, Italian Volt has managed to display a motorcycle that is very compact, practical, and offers many options for rebuilding without compromising performance and functionality.
An attractive, short tail that seems to have been made from one piece can be extended as needed to make passenger seats, but you can be sure that the engineers from the Italian Volt Company primarily thought of a party for one.

The cooling fins on the box in which the battery look fantastic, and it is possible to be in the same color in which you choose to be your own motorcycle. Italian Volt offers many ways to change and adjust your Lacama, from the seat, the girl, the color, the adjustable sidewalks, etc. The battery has a power of up to 15 kWh, which is excellent, and provides about 200km of mixed driving with one charge, while the maximum speed of this motorcycle is 180 km / h while from 0 to 100 it reaches 4.6 seconds. Thanks to the compact design, the latest battery technology and lightweight materials, the total weight is only 245 kg. In order to provide top performance, the Italians installed Brembo Braking Systems and Ohlins suspension, which meets the standards of those of the most aggressive drivers. The factory claims they are working on new battery-powered and battery management software every day to improve driving sense and increase the number of miles per refueling.

As each Lacama is unique and adjusting to its customer and its wishes, it is not difficult to conclude that the price is not small. For start it is necessary to leave about 200 € of deposits, and later add about € 32,000, which is certainly not a little amount of money, but an electric motorcycle build from wishes is not for everyone.

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