Mercedes C-Class W203 Engine Problems And Reliability

Mercedes C-Class W203 Engine Problems And Reliability

The Mercedes C-Class W203 is among one of the most sturdy automobiles generated after2000 The broad selection of variations as well as varied viewpoints can trigger anxiousness when acquiring this cars and truck. I encourage what to select as well as what to take notice of. Please pay focus to this short article.

Shortly after the launch of the brand-new Mercedes C-Class (W203) in 2000, it ended up that the long-awaited top quality upgrade after the low-cost W210 had yet to find. The cars and truck falls short one of the most with its anti-corrosion defense and also mistakes. Electronic devices has actually come to be an extremely frustrating location.

What automobile is W203?

As befits a Mercedes comfy. It is appropriately developed as well as fulfills all the assumptions you could have for such a version. Its measurements resemble rivals, specifically Audi and also BMW, so it is smaller sized than Mondeo or Vectra.

There suffices room in the cabin for 4 grownups as well as the car’s travel luggage area has a small 455 litres of storage area. Combi with so rounded that it has a bit larger 470 l for roller shutter. There is likewise a coupe-style body called the Sportcoupe. In technique, 2 seats with a little baggage capability of 310 litres. In this post I will certainly not review it, although from a technological perspective it coincides.

One of the trademarks of cars and trucks of this duration was the sophisticated multi-link suspension. On the front, as opposed to a straightforward macpher, there’s a system with 2 wishbones under with non-replaceable pins that aren’t extremely long lasting. Each back wheel is directed by 4 components.

The Mercedes W203 is one design that is provided in a wide range of engines, from tiny as well as cost-effective systems to huge V6 engines both gasoline as well as diesel. Its power variety is from 102 to 272 HP and also approximately 367 HP if we count the variations authorized by AMG.

Mercedes C-Class Engine (W203)

Gasoline Engine

  • C180(129 hp) 2.0 L (M111)
  • Compressor C200(163 hp) 2.0 L supercharged (M111)
  • Compressor C180(143 HP) 1.8 L supercharged (M271)
  • Compressor C200(163 hp) 1.8 L supercharged (M271)
  • C200 CGI (170 bhp) 1.8 L supercharged straight shot (M271)
  • Compressor C230(192 hp) 1.8 L supercharged (M271)
  • C240(170 hp) 2.6 L (M112)
  • C320(218 hp) 3.2 L (M112)
  • C230(204 hp) 2.5 L (M272)
  • C280(231 hp) 3.0 L (M272)
  • C350(272 hp) 3.5 L (M272)
  • C32 AMG (354 hp) 3.2 L Supercharged (M112)
  • C55 AMG (367 hp) 5.4 L (M113)

Diesel engine

  • C200 CDI (102 hp) 2.1 L (OM611)
  • C200 CDI (116 hp) 2.1 L (OM611)
  • C220 CDI (143 hp) 2.1 L (OM611)
  • C200 CDI (102 hp) 2.1 L (OM646)
  • C200 CDI (122 hp) 2.1 L (OM646)
  • C220 CDI (150 hp) 2.1 L (OM646)
  • C270 CDI (170 hp) 2.7 L (OM612)
  • C 30 CDI AMG (231 hp) 3.0 L (OM612)
  • C320 CDI (244 hp) 3.0 L (OM642)

In technique, under the mass classification variation, there are 4 fuel engines (omitting AMG) and also 3 diesel motor. Vital in the summary, due to the fact that the capability of the engine is lesser than the kind. That’s why I assembled the checklist over by doing this.

Which gas engine to pick?

The fuel engine is the tiniest M271 with an ability of 1.8 litres available considering that 2002 and also the somewhat older M 111 Evo with an up-to-date 2.0 litre capability, drew rather very early after the begin of manufacturing of the C-Class.

The engine is fairly easy, preferred, so it is not an inconvenience in regards to solution as well as repair work. Experiences from oil spills as well as leakages. After acquisition, it deserves looking after this location.

The follower as the M272 constantly has an ability of 1.8 l and also turbo increase, as well as in one version it is additionally straight shot. A minimum of need to beware, yet likewise due to the a lot more costly components, I do not advise it.

Other versions are ok. Developed with a structured concept in mind, so it’s smaller sized as well as tons much more. A variety of remedies consisted of in the TwinPulse name are made use of. The objective is to attain steady procedure and also high torque at reduced revs, so it ought to wind up with issues with timing drives.

The engine does not take care of brief ranges well, specifically in winter months, when it’s not warmed correctly. The timing chain is really conscious it, and also under such problems it deserves changing also every 80,000-120,000 kilometres. It additionally has the exact same issue with oil leak as the M111 Issues with the throttle as well as pneumothorax are likewise common.

However, generally, the device is very ranked for its great features, smooth procedure and also great efficiency. The sturdiness of the framework itself is really high. Changing the timing chain disappears pricey than the belt on a normal cars and truck of this course. It’s also worse when you need to change the whole drive with a variable stage wheel. You will certainly pay concerning $500 for components alone.

The bigger gasoline vehicle family members is likewise separated right into the older (M112) and also more youthful (M272), however right here a modification accompanied a renovation in 2004–2005 Incidentally, the high quality of the automobile enhanced considerably, yet a lot more on that particular later on.

The older M112 engine was after that an uniqueness in Mercedes’ offering, as it had a V6 arrangement, unlike the previous R6. It debuted soon prior to the arrival of this generation of C-Class. Light as well as portable, yet virtually totally difficulty complimentary with correct maintenance.

The engine ended up being so long lasting that AMG selected it as the base version of the sporting activity variation design and also after including a compressor it created a power equivalent to the later 5.4 l. By the means, the V8 utilized later on was carefully pertaining to this layout.

Basically, the engine has no regular mistakes, yet the regular repercussions of years of usage and also overlook (leakages, dust, much less often extended timing chains) are run into. This is a terrific device for cross country driving as well as for accepting LPG.

Its follower, assigned the M272, ended up not to be a lot even worse, as it was based upon the really effective precursor. The primary modification is the enhancement of variable shutoff timing, which causes better issues in timing drives, much shorter part life as well as consequently the requirement for even more regular treatment. A total collection for over $770 deserves changing when definitely needed. Below, mindful confirmation is necessary.

In enhancement, there are 4 flaps in the consumption system that regulate their size and also turning, that makes it feasible to get rid of the EGR shutoff, however is additionally a location that can conflict in case of dust.

One of the substantial downsides of this engine is the wear of the equilibrium shaft equipments, the substitute of which is really time consuming and also as a result pricey. This puts on devices used in 2005–2006(manufacturing, not sales), so it’s ideal to prevent those equipments or inspect to see if they are pointed out.

In recap, all gas engines can be advised. If you’re trying to find something much more effective, it’s far better to opt for the M112 variation, claim 170 HP, instead of the equivalent 4 cyndrical tube compressor.

By the means, mechanical compressors called compressors by Mercedes were not a resource of problem or significant costs, like the routine turbochargers in fuel engines from that duration. The compressor is an extra challenging part as well as a result a little bit a lot more emergency situation. It’s likewise challenging to fix, though it sets you back a great deal like a turbo at around $250

Which diesel motor to select?

Every engine has Common Rail shot, and also Mercedes isn’t the best-performing firm. Technicians concur that Mercedes engines are really long lasting, which is likewise frequently validated by individuals.

The OM611 as well as OM646 engines are 4 cyndrical tubes with a variation of 2.1 litres, although there is additionally a 2.2 litre version, yet out this design. The very early OM611(till 2003) was a style stemmed from the previous C-Class as well as the very first Mercedes engine with typical rail modern technology. The OM646 is an expansion of this engine with an extensively improved cyndrical tube head, however usually the very same engine.

The primary distinctions are the shot pump control (totally digital on the OM646), the enhanced gas shot stress as well as the look of the stabilizing shaft.

It is hard to discuss the trouble of failing, and also this mostly problems devices. The flap in the consumption system and also the variable geometry of the turbocharger are essential components. It additionally occurs that a thermostat failing creates the engine to get too hot in the future, which is very important when it comes to an auto with a DPF filter.

Worn injectors can be fixed inexpensively, and also timing drives are basically upkeep cost-free. If it requires to be changed, you ought to know that the engine gas mileage might currently go beyond 500,000 kilometers. The greatest benefit of the 2.1 L engine is its appeal.

The 2nd diesel motor is a 5-cylinder, 2.7 litre cult engine (OM612). It is a device where various viewpoints can be located or listened to. Unfortunate individuals fought with broken heads or consumption manifold flap failing, along with shot system failing, however many customers have excellent memories of this engine.

In reality, besides the ones stated over, the device has no significant persisting mistakes. Tools failing is triggered by gas mileage and also wear. The functioning top quality of the engine is influenced by the oil which ought to have a relatively reduced thickness (also 0W30), while several engines work with semi-synthetics, since this is the count on of technicians as well as individuals. As opposed to looks, it is currently a contemporary device, it must not be dealt with as a Mercedes “barrel”.

The excellent information is the high toughness of the timing chain and also the resistance of this engine to abuse. As long as whatever functions flawlessly in the air conditioning as well as lubrication system.

The 3rd diesel motor in the C-Class is a 3-liter engine with a V6 OM642 arrangement, with much more power than the others. It’s the engine that provides the auto one of the most enjoyable to drive, yet it’s additionally possibly the largest threat with pricey repair services.

The most significant issue was the damaged shot system, and also below a brand-new piezoelectric injector was made use of, which had not been extremely affordable any longer. One more weak location is the consumption system. Dust accumulates in the enthusiast, and also consequently, the cover that manages the size of the network is harmed. The 3rd powerlessness is the variable geometry turbo regulatory authority. And also as if that weren’t sufficient, the timing chain drive isn’t really resilient.

In short, it deserves selecting a smaller sized engine than a diesel motor, as it is less expensive to solution, and also there are no drawbacks such as reduced head power, although such issues are normally discovered in bigger vehicles. The distinction in between the R4 as well as R5 is not large sufficient to launch an extra effective variation. On the various other hand, I suggest the 3 litre variation just for the take on, also if the engine gas mileage is reduced.

What’s incorrect with the Mercedes C-Class (W203)?

The 6-speed handbook transmission is not an extremely effective style. It functioned great originally, in many situations there were issues with moving equipments after lots of years. The transmission has a non-durable however totally changeable equipment choice system.

The 6-speed automated transmission is in fact a hands-on automated transmission with consecutive variation without making use of a clutch. The vehicles were noted as Sequentronic, just offered in petroleum variations, luckily uncommon. Getting such a design is really dangerous.

Classic vehicles with converters have 5 or 7 equipments. A lot more proportions are made use of in the transmission coupled with the brand-new automobile with the M272 engine. Obviously, the sturdiness of both transmissions depends just on routine oil adjustments if serviced appropriately, they can last a very long time. Mercedes, sadly, did not advise it in the beginning, however “transformed his mind” in the adhering to years.

In enhancement to the defined locations, it deserves taking note of the drive system. There is an option of rear-wheel drive variations as well as the traditional 4Matic with a transfer instance, with the axle bent on the front axle.

If you desire much less difficulty, search for the RWD variation. They are more affordable to preserve, yet under harder problems the 4Matic jobs simply great. Components for the 4Matic are fairly costly and also challenging to accessibility, although the drives themselves are resilient.

Another point to take into consideration when purchasing a cars and truck is the back suspension. While changing all rocker arms isn’t a substantial cost (regarding $250), self-leveling shock absorbers in regards to fixing are $128-$154 per product. Keep in mind the existence of this remedy in the S203 version, particularly in the C course vehicle estate.

The location that is rather troubling to customers is power. An usual breakdown is the lack of a directional signal or light whatsoever, along with the wiper. On a regular basis there are mistake messages that are hard to validate (specifically on diesel motor). Damages to the controller does not permit you to easily take care of devices, it is frequently extremely abundant. When evaluating the vehicle, inspect all the switches and also handles, since perhaps something you respect is not functioning.

Another trouble and also widespread is rust. In an overhauled vehicle, it is somewhat smaller sized in dimension, not just as a result of its age, yet additionally as a result of its better top quality. The primary locations that really decomposed consisted of the sills, fenders, covers as well as doors, along with framework parts. In contrast to looks, there are currently numerous autos on the marketplace that look excellent externally and also get disposal.

How much and also is it worth getting a Mercedes C-Class (W203)?

It depends upon the method to the auto. This design uses some rather out-of-date yet great fundamental strategies, specifically the drivetrain as well as suspension. Much less high-risk in the gasoline variation than in the W204 follower.

If you’re searching for a well-kept C-Class, it’s one of the most pricey, setting you back around $5000-$6500 The W203 will certainly be far better than the least expensive, at about the exact same price as the W204 I particularly advise this alternative for the extra effective as well as bigger variations of the engine.

However, I do not believe it’s worth acquiring this version for as reduced as $1500-$2500 Taking into consideration the currently substantial style breakthroughs, the splendor of electronic devices, the high failing price, the problem of the body and also framework, I think that there are far better as well as less costly to preserve cars and trucks of this course from 2000–2003 on the marketplace.


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