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New Honda Monkey


New Honda Monkey

Honda announced a new evolution of one of the most popular mini-motorcycles ever, Honda Monkey.

This refreshed model rely on much of the design of the original Honda Monkey, which was very popular in its time, while it was modernized with all the new technologies that you can find on Honda’s “normal” models: USD front forks, double rear shock absorbers, LCD control panel, ABS , LED lighting, etc all new stuff on ild-new Honda Monckey.

New Honda Monckey
New Honda Monckey

6.9kw, as it generates its air-cooled 125ccm engine, it’s enough to run this motorcycle, which with all fluids weighs only 107kg. With a consumption of only 1.5 liters per 100km, Honda Monkey is the perfect toy for the city as well as for all other occasions and needs.

A simple ABS system is based on an IMU unit that measures and controls the internal sensors and gives the ABS system information during heavy braking, and this system prevents the rear wheel rise and slightly slipping the front. When everything is seen, the Honda Monkey is really the most economical and easiest solution for city crowds and full car parks.


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