New Honda Rebel

New Honda Rebel
New Honda Rebel

New Honda Rebel

Since its debut in 1985, Honda Rebel has offered a light, fun and reliable motorcycle for cruising for urban travelers looking for something with style.
But after 31 years and very few changes, the time has come for serious changes.

The new Honda Rebel is a new look at the growing market for motorcycles for beginners – with engineering designed to adapt. About these details we will be somewhat later, but considering how many custom scenes play a major role in reviving old brands, Honda’s decision to go this way seems logical. Especially with something that is affordable, both financially and aesthetically, like Rebel.

There is no doubt that the new Honda Rebel was designed on the basis of Instagram feed. And that’s not a bad thing. Unlike the stagnant and traditional look of its predecessor, the new generation will definitely be more adept for the eye and more receptive to the younger population. The design of clean lines was made with the help of an urban approach to minimalism. The fuel tank and seat are in retro style, while the combination of wheels and wide tires reflects modern trends that actually contribute to driving comfort. The narrow, nimble and affordable!

Rebel 500 has a motor CB 471cm3 liquid-cooled, 47 hp and 32 Nm of torque. Braking is signed by identical Nissin devices with one disc, back and forth. ABS is available as an option, but experienced drivers will probably only see this as an additional cost. One of the basic characteristics of Rebel was the small height of the seat and this did not change here. The seat is on good 69 cm, which allows lower drivers comfortable and easy driving. The control panel is clean and clear with a single, round digital speedometer. Although not much has been changed on the control panel, the fuel signal addition is an excellent choice, since the small capacity tank is only 11 liters of fuel. The chassis is attractive, while the rigidity of the frame creates the feeling of a good rotating little machine. As for the suspension, there is no adjustment, either front or rear.

For the first time in a long time interval, motorcycles for beginners have entered the focus of the manufacturer and want to expand their market share This is good news for everyone a bigger deal means more competition, and that makes all manufacturers make their best motorcycles. Honda has a long history, and changes to the Rebel have made the old and reputed model see new light of the day and be more accessible to new drivers.

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