New Mustang Design

Mustang CD
Mustang CD

Considering that “muscle” vehicles are not so widespread beyond the US borders, and are not a frequent sight on the roads of Europe and other continents, tuning companies are eager to work on them.

Mustang Carlex Design
Mustang Carlex Design

One of such companies is Carlex Design, which was more than delighted with the idea that the factory Mustang‘s latest generation do it in its own style. In this case, this implies the implementation of better-quality materials, soft touch surfaces, as well as skin with which “no mistakes” exist.

It is true that the new Mustang has far better quality and better interior than its predecessors. Namely, while the older models were equipped with hard plastic, the new generation of the interior is more “European”. As a special car, Carlex company took care that its interior looks like that.

Carlex Design
Carlex Design

Visual, red surfaces made of leather represent a contrast to the rest of the command board and dark panels on the door. However, the seats are most emphasized, thanks to the unique pattern of the racing, while the steering wheel has a red middle part and seams.

Carlex Design - Mustang
Carlex Design – Mustang

However, we can not help but notice that the interior of this Mustang is very “pale” in relation to other Carlex projects on the Mustang models that we had the opportunity to see in the past.

What do you think of the Mustang interior in this release?

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