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New Tesla Roadster


Elon Musk is “shocked” Invitational at the presentation of its electric trucks when after the promotion of trucks with powered electricity unannounced unveils new Tesla Roadster.

New Tesla Roadster

Since announcing the promotion of electric trucks is not suggested that the next freighter and discover new Tesla sports car, Musk stunned the crowd when on the stage appeared the new Roadster. In Tesla they say it is the most sporty electric car that the company has so far done.

Musk has been announcing the second-generation Roadster for a long time (the first version that was made from 2008 to 2012 was also the first Tesla serial model), so he took the media attention he was attracted by an electric truck to publicize the long-awaited old Roadster successor. The new 2-door electric model has a dynamic design and a distinctly sporty look, like classic supersport cars. And performance are more than worthy of a super car. In Tesla say the new Roadster is capable of 0-96 km / h (0-60 mph) speed up to a whopping 1.9 s, while 0-160 km / h (100 miles per hour) arrives in just 4.6 s! The distance of a quarter mile (400 meters) from standby, goes with just 8.8 seconds, and top speed is over 400 km / h (250 miles per hour). Musk also announced that the new Roadster has an autonomy of almost 1,000 kilometers (620 miles). The battery capacity is 200 kWh. Otherwise, the car has 4 seats (2 + 2), although the space on the rear is very small, so it is practically two-seater.

New Tesla Roadster
New Tesla Roadster

When it comes to exterior design, is made great progress compared to the current range of Tesla’s cars. The outside is fluid and aerodynamic, with narrow LED headlights and accentuated, expanded mudguards. The rear end of the vehicle is characterized by a large diffuser and spoiler, which provide an aggressive look to the sunken car as well as a discreet stop light. The Roadster has a hard folding roof, the central part of which can be removed, similar to the “targa” car.

New Tesla Roadster
New Tesla Roadster

Photo from the interior reveals a futuristic cockpit with a steering wheel similar to the one in the racing car, while the central console sees a recognizable large “touchscreen” that characterizes other Tesla models. Since it represents a major advance in relation to the first generation, the new Tesla Roadster will be much more expensive compared to its predecessor. Prices will start at $ 200,000, and to reserve their Roadster, future customers will have to pay $ 50,000 in deposit.

For those who want a bit more than the “standard” version, Tesla will offer a limited series of 1,000 Roadster Founders Series, which will be sold at an initial $ 250,000 price tag. Start sales and start date for production are not yet known.

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