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Boredom is not part of our heritage, independence does not mean the same thing as uniformity, and the energy transition can not erase 120 years of automotive history. So PEUGEOT brings you the e-LEGEND CONCEPT.


This exciting vision of the future of driving pleasure has been transformed into a favorite, cult vehicle. By accepting realistic, completely modern principles, this step forward into the future of the car emphasizes the legacy and elegance of the brand PEUGEOT. Knowing its important roles within every technological revolution, PEUGEOT approaches the energy transition with the view that technology must always serve the driving pleasure.

An exciting future is one that offers a wealth of choice in terms of line, drive, or driving style. Investigating new areas, responding to new challenges, the brand’s PEUGEOT adventure continues! Combining efficiency, attitudes and emotions in all our vehicles is a promise that we hold firm and that we are always reaffirming. Realizing that vision is the e-LEGEND CONCEPT! It is a matter of craving in the true sense of the word, which emphasizes freedom of movement and offers an infinite choice of pleasures: #UNBORING THE FUTURE.

The PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT will be presented at the Paris Motor Show 2018.


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