Polestar SUV arrives in 2022.

Polestar SUV

Swedish Polestar has started an aggressive promotional campaign, and is already announcing a model that will arrive only in 2022.

After Polestar coupe 1, the sale of which begins next year, and the four-door Polestar 2 door, which comes in for a year, is also announced the first SUV of the innovative name Polestar 3.

polestar suv
polestar suv

As P1 and P2 will compete with Tesla’s limousines, Polestar 3 will “challenge” Model X, and arrive in 2022.

For now, only performance speculations are expected, but it is expected to be in the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 ranges, which is about 500 kilometers and at least 500 hp power.

As for looks, it was announced that it would be a bit of a SUV version of the fraternal Volvo XC90, with the focus on driving characteristics.

Polestar 1 costs about $ 155,000, and there is no announcement as to how much Polestar 2 will cost and is just unknown for Polestar 3.

No doubt it will be even more expensive.


Polestar is the official Volvo Cars performance company and brand, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Polestar develops electric performance cars, high-performance cars based on Volvos and offers technical and cosmetic upgrades to enhance Volvo models. Until 2015, Polestar Performance was a division of Polestar along with the Polestar racing team. and prototypes.Volvo announced in July 2015 that it had purchased Polestar Performance. The racing team will remain under the direction of Christian Dahl, changing name from Polestar Racing to Cyan Racing. A close cooperation with Polestar is maintained with Cyan Racing becoming official motorsport partner to Polestar, the Volvo Cars performance brand.

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