Renault EZ-PRO

Renault EZ-PRO
Renault EZ-PRO

Renault Group presents its vision for the final phase in the process of delivery of goods the concept of autonomous delivery truck Renault EZ-PRO with flexible robotized to shared containers.

Renault EZ-PRO

At the Motor Show in Hannover Renault Group on 19 September presented Renault EZ-PRO, autonomous, powered, connected and shared concept of robo-containers, vision of the future flexible solutions for the final phase of delivery for all kinds of professionals.

At the last stage of delivery are the largest potential barriers to professional deliverers at a time when e-commerce recorded a dizzying growth, customers want immediate delivery, sellers need to reduce the cost of delivery and cities continue to seek new ways to cope with increasingly dense traffic and crowds. Renault, a manufacturer of light commercial vehicles (LWT’s) for 120 years as a leading manufacturer LWT in Europe, is in the best position to speed up changes in service delivery and the way in which we transport goods. EZ-PRO is a concept consisting of autonomous robotic leading container and container without a driver. Renault believes that managing the final delivery phase will not be entirely autonomous, because people in the near future will continue to represent the essence of transport services.

The leading container vehicles EZ-PRO is situated manager who oversees the delivery of goods and services as well as its fleet. Released by driving effort, the trustee can focus on added value tasks, such as overseeing scheduling schedules and robo-free cargo containers, providing efficient and customized services such as personal, premium delivery of food, or delivery of breakable items. In line with Renault’s promise of “Easy Life”, EC-PRO manager provides a safe and ergonomic solution, as evidenced by entering the front, joystick control and management on all four wheels for easy maneuvering.

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