SPYSHOTS: Mercedes-AMG A35 – 2019 sedan


It’s been several months since we last saw the spy photos of the Mercedes-Benz A35 Sedan, but a few days ago this model was again caught in the test.

Of course, the test vehicle was completely under camouflage, but in spite of that, we can see that the design lines will be shared with a sedan A-class extended-wheelbase class A for the Chinese market.

Namely, the A-Class L Sedan was introduced a few months ago at the China Motor Show. Despite its similarities, the A35 has a sporty suspension, and has a smaller clearance in comparison to the model for China. We can also see that this model is equipped with an improved braking system and with larg-er brake calipers.


Although based on the extended version of the sedan A class we can assume what the front of the new car will look like, it is clear that these two models will differ. Namely, L in the version for the Chi-nese market marks the extended wheelbase, which is 2.789 millimeters. Therefore, it is 60 millimeters longer than the model to be introduced.

However, these two models will have a common interior, meanwhile the new model is expected to have a cabin equipped with state-of-the-art technology with two screens of 7 or 10.25 inches.

There are, of course, round air vents as well as a button for starting the engine. Of course, since it’s an AMG model, the new car will have a lot of sporting details, including a steering wheel and seat, as well as a handful of AMG tags.

The executive director of Mercedes, Tobias Moers recently said that the car will have a four-cylinder engine capacity of two liters that will develop over 300 horsepower for this Mercedes.

Accordingly, this new model will be positioned in the company‚Äôs product line between the A250 model that develops 221 horsepower and the announced A45 / A50 model that will develop over 400 “hors-es”.

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