Tesla Model S fails auto braking test!

Tesla test
Tesla test

Automatic emergency braking quickly becomes a standard safety part of modern cars and a mandatory part of vehicle safety testing.

The Luxembourg Authority for Testing and Standardization (ILNAS) has just tested it on Tesla Model S and Volvo S90 cars in front of media representatives.

However, although its trademark is top-notch, Model S did not pass this test, but hit an artificial car at a speed of 30 km / h.
On the other hand, the S90 was able to stop in time and at a speed of 60 km / h.

Tesla test
Tesla test

The representatives of Tesla could not confirm whether the test was accurate and valid because ILNAS did not share details with the US company.

Tesla questions validity of the test.
“Since we have not been consulted by ILNS and we have learned from the test through the media, we have found out on the basis of the vehicle identification number that it was produced in 2015 and registered in a car rental company in Germany. We will investigate how the test was conducted and whether everything was done correctly “said Tesla .

In the instruction manual of the S model, emergency braking is designed to automatically activate the brake in order to reduce the inevitable frontal collision with another vehicle and therefore drivers should never rely on it to always save them from accident .

In tests of the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in 2016 and 2017, Tesla was rated “superior” when testing accident prevention.

Earlier this year, the Tesla Model 3 received the same grade from the IIHS, avoiding crashes at speeds of 19 and 40 km / h.

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