Tesla recall 125000 Model S because salt on the road

Tesla Model S front

Tesla will invite owners of 125,000 Model S to an emergency service due to corrosion on screws in the servo steering system, which is the most massive recall in the history of this American electric vehicle manufacturer.

In Tesla, says that the rust of the mentioned screws only appears in areas with very cold climates, but the company has decided to do prevent service of all Model S manufactured by the end of March 2016, which are potentially affected by this problem. “We have detected excessive corrosion on steering wheel screws, but only on vehicles used in cold climatic conditions. This primarily applies to countries where salts of calcium and magnesium are used instead of sodium chloride” , explain in Tesla.

Tesla Model S

“However, we have decided to prevent the controversial part of all Model S cars, regardless of the climate in which they are used, because of the possibility that these cars may be driven in areas with sharp winters in some future period” added the company. .
Tesla shifted the responsibility for the problem to Bosch, which supplied the American electric car manufacturer with servo devices, and is expected to cover the cost of the replacement.

Bosch has not made public announcements so far.

Tesla Model S side

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