self driving car
self driving car

Self-driving cars will have a widespread use in the future – from taxis and car sharing services to goods delivery vehicles and Nuro is the first one.

While Uber is already planning to use self-propelled cars for passenger transportation, company Kroger and Nuro have joined forces to develop a service to deliver supplies to customer’s homes. A joint pilot program should start in autumn in some US cities.

kroger nuro
kroger nuro

With this service, customers of the Kroger retail chains will be able to order the goods they need through the ClickList ordering system. When the ordered goods are ready for delivery, they are packed in a specially autonomous vehicle developed by Nuro.

self driving car
self driving car

A small SELF-DRIVING van goes to the customer’s address, and upon arrival at the destination, the client is notified through the application’s smartphone to be able to exit and take over his order. In order for the car door to open, it is necessary for the customer to enter his password via the keyboard on the van.

Kroger is one of the largest US retail chains, with 2,800 stores located in 35 federal states.

If the pilot program of SELF-DRIVING van proves successful in practice, Kroger plans to expand Nuro in the future to the whole market on which it operates. In this way, the company will be able to pawn Amazon’s Prime Pantry service to deliver goods to customers.

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