The Leon Cupra ST caravan is now the most powerful model in the market of the Spanish manufacturer!


Anyone who said that progress could not be stoped obviously did not face the conflict between the two measurements currently in the auto industry (NEDC and WLTP). However, Seat has faced this problem.

Namely, for that reason, the Spanish manufacturer is forced to reduce the total output power of his “hot hatch” model, Leon Cupra. It looks like this model did not meet the standards that could pass the WLTP testing cycle.

Leon Cupra ST
Leon Cupra ST

For that reason, that is to say, in order to comply with the emission standards for harmful gases, this company had to take its own step backwards. As a result, the Leon Cupra 300 model now has to tag 290. It is about the numbers that indicate the total output power of the model expressed in “horses”.

However, the good news is that the model of the Leon Cupra ST, which holds a wheelbase on all wheels and hence falls short of other standards, remains the same, ie, will continue to develop 296 horsepower. Consequently, given that the “hot heel” is now developing 286 horsepower, the caravan version of this model is currently the most powerful model in the range of the Spaniard manufacturer, whose parent company is Volkswagen.

Leon Cupra ST engine
Leon Cupra ST engine

The advantages of a caravan model are the fact that it has a drive on all wheels, as well as a large luggage compartment and its practical value, which makes it a true competitor with high performance crossover models.

Namely, the older version of this model just a few years ago kept the record for the fastest caravan car on the legendary Nordsjaw River because the circuit ended in under 8 minutes. We have to note that then the maximum output power of this model was “just” 276 “horses”.

Leon Cupra
Leon Cupra

The latest model develops 24 horsepower more and has a drive on all wheels, making it even more desirable.

For now, there is no information on what will happen with the limited version of the Leon Cupra R, which develops 306 horsepower.

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