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The new Skoda Octavia RS will get a hybrid version


Czech Skoda plans to electrify its models in the coming years, and among them will be the Octavia RS.

For a long time it is known that the first model to get a hybrid drive will be redesigned Superb next year, and behind him the SUV Kodiaq, which recently debuted in the RS version. The next in the series is Octavia, and it’s RS variant that thanks to electrification will get extra power.In Skoda they see it as an ideal combination of reliability and performance. The most powerful version the RS 245 currently has 242 hp and 370 Nm.Electrifying Octavia takes several changes, so it is expected to be built on a new platform that will be made by using lightweight materials.This will create a faster version than the current, that speeds up to 100 km / h by 6.6 seconds.

New Skoda Octavia RS hybrid
New Skoda Octavia RS hybrid



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