The new Toyota Supra goes to the “Goodwood” speed festival


Toyota will release a new generation of its Supra model at the “Goodwood” speed festival, which will be held next week, announced on the official Twitter company profile, where teaser photography was set up.
In the photo, we see a car covered with camouflage, and underneath it stands the label: “Toyota Supra is back. Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 “.

Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra

In spite of the fact that this may be the official announcement announcement, no one out of the Toyota company knows what the plan is like for a new generation of the Supra model. Based on this photo teaser we can assume that a Japanese manufacturer plans to exhibit the car in its final version, but completely covered with camouflage.

So far, we know that the fifth generation of the Supra model, with codenamed A90, is most likely to have a six-cylinder generator with turbocharger of three liters, which will develop 335 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. A bit later, the version of this model with the GRMN label will appear, as the most informative variant.

Despite the fact that its platform with the BMW Z4, the new Toyota Supra will be completely different from the German model, not just for its design but also for its drive. Namely, chief engineer of the “New Supra” project, said earlier that these two models would have a completely different design and software.

Toyota Supra will allegedly cost about 60,000 euros.

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