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The Volvo XC40 will be the first fully electric model


Volvo’s first fully electric car will be the SUV model XC40, and this information was confirmed by Tomas Ingenlat, head of the design of the Swedish company.

Ingenlat confirmed this information during the premiere of the new generation S60, when he said that the fully electric XC40 would be introduced after Polestar introduced its second model in 2019, which will be named Polestar 2.

After the electric Volvo XC40, the Swedes will also present the electric version of the new generation of the XC90, which will begin to be produced in 2021 in South Carolina at a plant that officially opened on Thursday.


Ingenlat also stated that every Volvo model will get its electric variant.

The Volvo XC40 EV will be joined by a hybrid version of the same model in the company’s treadmill when it’s dispersed. Volvo’s goal is to make even half of the total number of cars sold by 2025, electric vehicles.

VOLVO xc40
VOLVO xc40

The brand Polestar will be in charge of the development of some of the more “daring” electric cars.


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