They look like toys, but the Japanese love them a lot

Suzuki Spacia

Small city cars of unusual, box shape can rarely be seen outside of Japan, but that is why in the Earth of the rising sun are frequent appearance on the tough streets of big cities.

Japan is different in many things from the rest of the world, and one of the specifics of this country is the so-called “kei” cars that domestic manufacturers develop and produce for the needs of the Japanese market. These are micro-van vehicles whose shape maximally follows the function. This type of car is recognizable by its “cube” shape and high profile, the purpose of which is to extract the maximum useful space in the cabin from relatively small outside dimensions. They are suitable for Japanese urban environments, with small and narrow streets, and a constant lack of parking space

Suzuki Spacia front side

A typical exponent of this type of vehicle is Suzuki Spacia. Suzuki has just introduced a new version of this model. With a distinctive exterior design, this “kei” model also features some of the most up-to-date assistance systems, such as automatic braking in the case of collision, and the driver can easily track what is happening in traffic around the vehicle thanks to cameras that cover 360 degrees. In order for the driver to always follow the road ahead, he has a “head-up” display on which he receives basic information from the instrument table.

Suzuki Spacia interior

The passenger cabin has seats for 4 people, and access to the rear seats is easier thanks to the sliding door. When they land backs of the front seats, obtained by lying area for 2 persons, and lowering rear seat, in the trunk you can put in bike upright.

Suzuki Spacia seats

Suzuki Spacia uses a hybrid drive system which is composed of gasoline capacity of 660 ccm3 (available as an atmosphere or turbo version) and an electric motor. The manufacturer says the car can run at shorter distances only on electric power, and is available in front wheel drive versions and 4 wheel drive version.

Customers are also offered two types of front grille- retro and modern design, to cover different target and age groups. The price ranges from 1.333.800 to 1.908.360 yen (11.800 to 16900 US dollars), and Suzuki expects to sell about 12,000 vehicles in Japan every month.

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