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Three levels for Volkswagen I.D.


Upcoming Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback will be available in versions with three different battery capacities. The vehicle, codenamed Neo, will be the first of Volkswagen’s electric family I.D, and will be in sale at the end of 2019.

Volkswagen NEO

Depending on the budget, customers will be able to choose between models with a single charging range of 330, 450 or 600 kilometers. Except for the range, due to the capacities of the bets, the performance of these versions will be different – a larger battery means faster VW I.D. The most powerful variant of the 600 km mentioned gives Volkswagen a significant advantage over the current “rulers” of the class EV cars Tesla and Nissan.

Volkswagen NEO
Volkswagen NEO

Volkswagen plans to produce 1,500 I.D. Hatchback per day at a plant in Cika, in which it will produce all cars from I.D. family.


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