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Triumph Rocket 3 TFC


Triumph officially unveiled the powerful cruiser Rocket 3 TFC. Rumors about this model began a few years ago and the information that reached back to us was that it might be a little “overwhelmed” story. Nevertheless, Triumph surprised al of us little with this extremely powerful cruiser with the strongest aggregate Triupmh ever produced!

First Rocket 3 produced as long ago as 2004. At first glance, it seems that Triumph has really tried to refresh Rocket and that with the new Rocket 3 TFC it makes a real boom on the market, which was successful on all occasions. Let’s go one step at a time and see what Triumph has prepared. To begin with, let’s clarify the dilemma around the abbreviation TFC that marks the Triumph Factory Custom.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
Triumph Rocket 3 TFC


Rocket 3 TFC has a very powerful three-cylinder aggregate with an operating volume of 2,448 cm³. Triumph decided to “let go” a little more power from this engine that delivers as much as 170 hp. Which is also the strongest Triumph’s unit ever produced, at least according to people from Triumph. In addition to the maximum power, even more impressive is the maximum torque that is declared at over 221 Nm.
Triumph did not reveal much details about the components of the aggregate itself. Except that the valves on the suction made of light titanium, allowing the Rocket 3 TFC to have more revs. From the transversely mounted three-cylinder unit, on the right side there are beautifully stylized exhaust bumps ending with the Arrow dampener which has a carbon cap on its end. Final transmission is carried out via a universal joint shaft.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

Chassis and Weight

Rocket 3 TFC is not only powerful, but it also can be said that is extremely light. The dry weight is 199 kg. This generation is lighter than the previous one by as much as 15% or 40 kg! Weight savings have been achieved thanks to the new aluminum frame that uses the aggregate as a “spinner” of stress. The new is also single side aluminum fork, which, together with carbon details, brings weight savings.The fuel tank is 19 liters and if this weight is added to the dry weight of the motorcycle, we get that the total weight of the Rocket 3 TFC amounts to a respectable 218 kg.
zhe rear view is also a 107 mm Shaft mono-shock absorber with a hydraulic preload controller.
For a motorcycle with such a large torque, it is also necessary to have the appropriate tire dimensions capable of transferring this power to asphalt. Thus, the Rocket 3 TFC is equipped with a rear tire measuring 240/50 R16 V, and the front is a tire in the dimensions of 150/80 R17 V.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
Triumph Rocket 3 TFC


The Triumph Rocket 3 TFC of electronics owns almost everything they own and a sports motorcycle. Like traction control with rain, travel, sport and customizable modes. The Rocket 3 TFC also has a quick shift gearbox with the possibility of changing up and down without the use of a clutch. There is also a “hill hold control” that serves to ensure that the driver can safely start on the hill, and in case you go on trip there is a cruise control.
All of these settings are done via a TFT full color instrument. You can get virtually all information on the instrument panel. Such as current speed, odometer, speed, current gear, fuel amount left, ambient temperature, clock, and the operating mode of the engine.
Rocket 3 TFC has the ability to connect to a smartphone via bluetooth, thanks to which you can change music on your phone or track navigation.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
Triumph Rocket 3 TFC


It must be admitted that the Rocket 3 TFC caused quite a generally positive reaction among cruiser fans. This model will be sold in a limited edition of 750 pieces. Each model from the factory comes with plate that is showing the serial number under which it was produced.
We can freely say the Triumph Rocket 3 TFC attracts even those who are not the special lovers of cruisers. Triumph has once again managed to create a motorcycle that attracts with design, and performance. The price of this model of around 25,000 euros and the delivery of the first models will begin in December.

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