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Will VW Beetle become EV with four doors


Volkswagen does not plan for the third generation of its once popular model Beetle, but waves of electrification could save it from falling?

The current Beetle is made on the same platform as the Golf 6, and while VW is working heavily on the eighth generation of its most popular model, this one is not yet in similar plans. However, as some media speculate,in VW it is considering the possibility of creating a new Beetle as an electric model with four doors. Although some designers have already shown how they imagine EV Beetle, if VW goes to the project, it will take at least two to three years to complete.

VW Beetle EV
VW Beetle EV

If it really gets a green light, the new Beetle would probably be based on the smart MEB platform that is just for EV vehicles. This architecture would enable the VW to preserve the legendary Beetle design combined with greater space and comfort in the interior with a modern package of equipment.

VW Beetle EV
VW Beetle EV


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