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Yamaha Star Eluder 2019


Yamaha has prepared a novelty in its massive touring line, and it’s about the Yamaha Star Eluder model. The philosophy behind it is quite simple. Take a massive Star Venture model and take off large seats.

Yamaha Star Eluder

Yamaha Star Eluder
Yamaha Star Eluder

If this transformation sounds familiar to you, this is because Honda did the same with the Gold Wing F6B and CTX1300 models. This means that the Yamaha Star Eluder will have the same air-cooled V-twin aggregate. With volume of 1.854cc, a mammoth chassis and a list of accessories from the Venture variant.

Yamaha Star Eluder
Yamaha Star Eluder

As for the date of its arrival on the market, it is still questionable, as the production of the Star Venture model has recently been delayed. The best guess is that we will not see it before the end of December. Yamaha is expecting much of it, especially in the United States where the touring market is one of the largest. Primarily thanks to Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Honda Gold Wing. Venture and Eluder will be a serious competition and it will be interesting to see how a market battle will look like.

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